Fantastic Tales II from Scout Books’ Good Ink: American Shorts series just came out, and it features the short story I illustrated last year, “The Isle of Voices” by Robert Louis Stevenson. Other mini books in the set are “The Giant’s Heart” by George MacDonald, illustrated by Lark Pien; and “Mowgli’s Brothers” by Rudyard Kipling, illustrated by Rebecca Dart. This was a lot of fun to work on, and I loved the story I got assigned. Thanks to editor François Vigneault for including me in the series!

You can pick up the Fantastic Tales II set for $12 and check out all the other Good Ink: American Shorts sets from Scout Books here. All are illustrated beautifully by many talented artists and come in nicely-packaged mini-book form. They’re all great little classics that are definitely worth revisiting.

Another one of the Scout Books Short Stories series that I edited and designed… All three artists knocked it out the park on this one, such a delight to work with them all!